Tyler believes in the existence of ghosts.

John likes to trade stamps with his friends.

Seagulls are mainly coastal birds.

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Suzanne wondered why Matti couldn't speak French any better than she did.

Is Tatoeba like Facebook?

I love cooking for my family.

Yesterday, I was invited to dinner by him.

This is unsatisfactory.

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My printer is very low on all four ink cartridges, and the quality of the printing is poor.

The president appointed a new manager.

I suggested that the meeting be put off.

Tomorrow, it will rain.

She took advantage of her paid vacation and went skiing.

I have lived here a little over 60 years.

Aimee didn't know what was happening.

I want them to do it alone.

I lost face.


We'll be back by 2:30.

Our total debts amount to ten thousand dollars.

Weren't you frightened of that dog?

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Valentin is in Boston on business now.

He is hoping to entice her into doing what he wants.

If you want me to be quiet, just ask.

I would have liked to have seen 'Casablanca' when the movie was discussed.

Gunnar didn't take anything from me.

This is just a misunderstanding.

She stands in great danger.

I had no idea this bracelet was stolen.

Romain probably doesn't know Stu's phone number.

Be careful of Elijah.

I owed Dean some money for some things he bought for me.

Anderson died the same way Takeuchi did.

Please tell them where they need to go.


Thad told me to head north.

My father likes traveling by air.

It probably won't rain tomorrow.


Blayne knew what Angela had told him wasn't true.

Plastic was standing by the door.

Those students are in the classroom.

They concluded he was lying.

I couldn't believe this was really happening.


It isn't them.

There are some people who think that they can't write a novel because they lack the vocabulary.

Bruno lost his hat.

I can't believe you would say something like that!

You're good with women.

Please confine yourself to a short comment.

She fed milk to the cat.

Tell her I won't do that.

Stephe pretended that he didn't know that Turkeer had stolen his money.

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You should study hard so that you can pass the examination.

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Has this ever been done before?


He forgot his own name.

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You have to try to stay awake.

I can't believe my ears!

He makes me feel special.

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The plant ranges from the north of Europe to the south.

I wish I had a twin.

I am going to put my heart into the work.

You may bring whoever wants to come.

He stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up to leave.

Hunter folded up his umbrella.

Beckie was the one who broke the windshield of Michel's car.

That watch is very nice.

Let me make you some chicken soup.

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Leave the dog out for a while.

Maureen is a trombone player in the school band.

How did you find the time to read so many books?

I have a lot of work to do today.

Insurance policies don't cover preexisting conditions.

Is it something I can help with?

The problem is complex.

Liz died from tuberculosis.

He is more clever than wise.

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Let go of Ralf.

We have a lot of things we need to do.

He said that you had better go.

Casper had the munchies, but since there was nothing in the house to eat, he went to the convenience store not too far from where he lived.

Kris wasn't able to blow out all the candles on the cake.


Who will succeed the throne?

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Had I known you'd be here, I wouldn't have come.

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I remember what she said.


OK, who are you?

It went without a hitch.

I have left my umbrella in a bus.


I don't want Jinchao to lose his job.

Small pots have long handles.

David is a lighthouse keeper and leads a lonely life.


Lars let Jeanne do all the talking.

How much does the orange juice cost?

Are you going to buy a dictionary?

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I'm teaching myself to juggle.

I like both plays in our anthology very much.

Your English is perfect.

It's nice to meet you too.

I'm not ashamed of that at all.


A leak has been found at Tokyo Electricity's Fukishima reactor number 1, and 150 liters of waters have escaped into the sea.

A giant wave flooded the canoe.

The relationship between Yoshiko and Tokio was far more intimate than the average student-teacher dynamic.


Show her how to roller skate.


The ship stopped a little way off the shore.


She is congenitally disabled.

The beach isn't far from here.

I won't let you treat me like a slave.

What is inside the box?

I only care about Sedat.

I like to translate Charlotte's sentences.

Lie on the bench for a while with your eyes closed.

Can you give that to us?

We don't want your parents thinking there's a problem.

I want to die soon.

I should have used a condom.

Did you find what you were looking for?

I saw the fear in Oleg's eyes.

I didn't think I should say anything.

He's not a bad guy.

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Price didn't work on Monday night.

We are happy to see you again.

No passengers are allowed on the bridge.

Sunday is a holiday in Christian countries.

Reputations are volatile. Loyalties are fickle. Management teams are increasingly disconnected from their staff.

Even if I don't get a high salary, I'm not willing to quit this way of making a living.

The teacher was immediately at work correcting that day's test.

It's a drama where you can enjoy the delicate workings of a woman's mind.

This will do.

As Saify and Tanya spent time together, they began to get to know each other better.

I was seen to break the window.


You don't look like a millionaire.

He was deserted by his friends.

You're fashionable.

Don't talk to her that way. She's my friend.

Let me know in advance if you are coming.

Do you travel a lot?

Vic couldn't get away.

The heavy rain prevented us from going out.

A part of me died with you, but you live inside me forever.

I know you'll do a good job.

Have you even talked to Radek?


Mahmoud never eats junk food.

That color is very becoming on you.

We are inseparable, somehow immortal.

The man who stops learning is as good as dead.

He was killed in the first hours of battle.


Excuse me if I hit you.

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Why are you afraid of Rajeev?

As far as English is concerned, nobody can beat me.

Where can I buy a live tiger?

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Portugal won the Euro.

Where do you go on Monday evenings?

Sandip is sometimes late for school.

We really need more American slang on Tatoeba, stat!

Your eyes are bloodshot.

I don't think Terrance will want to go to the zoo with us.

I missed seeing the film. Did you see it?


Cole put on a gas mask.

Is there anything else I can help Anton with?

I can hold my breath for a long time.


I'm not about to tell them that.

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I don't expect you to understand.

We're well aware that it's a hard time now.

Our teacher also said that her wedding wouldn't be the same as other people's; we asked how it would be different, but she didn't say.

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I've got a weakness for homework.


Who committed this murder?